The Red Liberty Hat (also known as "The Phrygian Cap")

A symbol of humanity's yearning for Liberty

Our position is relatively simple: to show support for the ideal of Liberty and the protection of property rights which includes our personal right to make choices as long these choices and associated actions don’t infringe or cause harm to others. It means freedom of conscious thought and equal protection under the law; issues that are constantly being challenged by over-reaching institutions and individuals who think they know what’s best for us. (i.e. professional busy-bodies.)

About Us

The idea of starting up an apparel company dedicated to helping people show their personal support of true liberty occurred to me out of the ether. Somehow I was drawn to the idea of the Phrygian Cap and how it has been used to identify people who deeply held this ideal in their hearts.

My hope is that those who are awake will wear this symbol - so we can see that we're not alone and, hopefully, wake up others to the issues confronting the 99.99%.

Refuse to be farmed by the few!

Customer Reviews

"Great idea, I'm looking forward to additional items." -- Nadia, New Jersey, USA

"I want others to know that they're not alone." -- Erik, Pennsylvania, USA

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